Where can I park?

On-street meter parking is available just outside of our establishment. Meters operate from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday and accept quarters only. If you prefer, you may park in the Elm Street Garage close by. The charge is $3/hour and accepts credit cards. Free on street parking is available weekends, holidays, and weekdays after 5pm.  


What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable clothing to the spa. Once in the treatment room, your practitioner will leave the room so you can disrobe to your comfort level. You will be professionally draped the entire treatment and the only area exposed will be the one being worked on at the time. Draping is always required. Smocks will be provided for facial treatments and and robed will be provided for sauna use. 


What do I need to bring to the spa?

We will provide you with all things necessary for the treatment you are scheduled for. We are happy to provide water, tea, and coffee, as well as light reading material to enjoy while you are waiting. Please feel free to bring your own reading material if you'd like to stay and relax after your treatment. Outside food and beverage are not allowed in the spa. Payment is due at the time of your service.


Where will I keep my personal belongings?

Our treatment rooms allow space for your personal belongings. However, we ask that you leave all jewelry and valuable items at home. Awakenings Massage and Spa is not responsible for lost, misplaced, damaged, or stolen items.


Can I request a specific practitioner?

We will do our best to accommodate your requests for a specific practitioner, or for a male or female provider. Additionally, if you prefer to not be scheduled with someone in particular, please let us know.


What form of payments do you accept?

We accept cash, check, Awakenings gift certificates, and all major credit cards. There is a $25.00 fee for returned checks. We do not accept prepaid credit cards/gift cards, SpaFinder, or SpaWish.


Is gratuity included? 

Gratuity is not included in the price of services. Customary tipping is 15-20% but is not required, and is at your discretion.


How often should I come in for a massage, facial, or other services?

The recommended frequency of massage and facial visits is every 4-6 weeks. This may vary based upon individual needs and goals. Our staff will work with you to develop a treatment plan that is right for you. 


Should I inform the spa of any health or medical conditions?

In order to assure maximum safety, a brief health questionnaire is required. Some health conditions are contraindicated with certain treatments. Please notify us of any allergies, sensitivity to smell or products, if you are pregnant or nursing, recent injuries or surgeries, or other medical conditions when scheduling.  


Can I bring my child to the spa?

Children under the age of 18 are prohibited in the spa, unless receiving a treatment. Children under the age of 18 receiving treatment must have a release signed by their parent or legal guardian prior to receiving treatment and parent or guardian must remain in the facility during treatment. Children under the age of 16 must have a parent or legal guardian in the room during treatment. We do not accept waxing appointment for children under the age of 16 years old. We do not accept appointments for children under the age of 13 years old.


What else is there to do in New Bedford?

Downtown New Bedford is full of history, shops, restaurants, and many other things to do and see. Visit http://destinationnewbedford.org/ to plan your day!


47 North Second Street, Suite 3B, New Bedford, MA 02740