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Breakout Bootcamp

We'd like to introduce our highly anticipated acne program. This bootcamp is a 3-4 month commitment consisting of an initial consultation, at home customized product regimen and in person treatments at the spa twice a month. This clear skin system will have your acne under control in approximately 3 months, depending on the type of acne you are experiencing.

Our new Breakout Bootcamp is for you if you experience acne and have not had results from your regular skin care routine, facial treatments, or prescriptions. This is an in depth and intensive treatment that requires a time and financial investment. If you are ready to make a change in your skin, contact us now to book your consultation.

Initial Consultation $150


Maintenance Treatments $75 per session

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What can I expect?

Begin by scheduling your 90 minute in depth consultation and initial treatment. During this session, your acne specialist will analyze your skin, determine what type of acne you have, design a product and treatment plan that is right for you, and begin your acne treatments. You will then receive a $50 credit toward your purchase of our professional skin care line. You must purchase our products at the time of the consultation, and pre-book your acne maintenance treatments at this time. Over the next 3-4 months, you will follow your at home skin care regimen and come in twice a month for your maintenance treatments.


**These treatments can only be booked by those who have had the consultation and are actively participating in this program. Our Face Reality skin care line can only be purchased by clients who have participated in our acne bootcamp program.**


How does the bootcamp work?

We combine the power of clinical grade products that are customized for your type of acne with a series of treatments and at home care. Your acne specialist will also review any other aggravating factors that could be causing your breakouts such as food, cosmetics, current skincare ingredients, and current medications. 


You will receive treatments every two weeks that will include a double cleanse, an enzyme treatment or an acne peel, extractions, and high frequency and/or LED treatments that will help kill bacteria, reduce inflammation, and speed up healing time.

How do I start?

This program is only for clients who are serious about transforming their skin and are willing to use our professional skin care line and invest time into their at home skin care routine. You may stop this program at any time, but must pay for any and all services received. Should you choose to not participate in this program after receiving your consultation, you are not required to purchase any products, but you must pay the full value of the consultation service.


To schedule your consultation, please call 508-971-2310.

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If you have specific questions before beginning, please contact our certified acne specialist at


Disclaimer: Face Reality is a renowned skincare line that is safe, gentle, and effective. The products are designed to unclog pores. We do not guarantee results. Individuals who see the best results are those who stick with the plan, complete the entire program, and follow the advice of our acne specialist to include following through with at home skin care. Clients can expect to spend $800-$1000 on average for this 3-4 month bootcamp.


***You must be off the drug Accutane for at least 90 days, and/or off any prescription topical and other oral acne medications for at least two weeks, before you can begin this program. These drugs cause heightened sensitivity to the skin, and your home care products and treatments may be too strong for your sensitized skin.***

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