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Lavender Body Wrap

Melt away the stress while hydrating your skin with this luxurious full body wrap. We begin with a dry brushing to exfoliate. Next, the lavender moisture mask is gently applied and you will remain wrapped in a heated blanket to let it absorb into the skin. Once removed, a rich body butter is applied.

60 minutes $100

Green Tea Body Scrub

Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties and helps reduce blemishes and scars. Keep your skin radiant and healthy while enjoying this full body exfoliation. End with a generous application of hydrating body butter. 

45 minutes $85

Lavender Sugar Scrub

This exfoliating treatment is sure to please! Improve your dry, dull skin with a combination of relaxing lavender and sweet sugar ingredients. This will leave your skin feeling soothed, soft, and new!

45 minutes $85

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